We Are Onboard Band-it

At OnBoard Enterprises, we didn’t set out to revolutionize the sports fishing industry, but with the practical experience of years spent in and on the water noting product gaps and deficiencies we starting redesigning, reinventing, and re-imagining for our own personal use. Soon friends, family, and associates in the marine industry, impressed with our innovative products, asked where they could be bought. From there, OnBoard Enterprises was born.

OnBoard Enterprises develops, designs, and rigorously tests all its products in the Florida Keys, the sports-fishing capital of the world. Based on years of practical, hands-on, experience, and with consultation from serious sports-fisherman and design engineers, OnBoard products are put through rigorous testing in real-life situations. At OnBoard Enterprises, our products are designed and manufactured to stand the test of time and meet the real-life needs of sports-fishing and boating enthusiasts.

James McCabe

James McCabe is an island boy, born and raised in Florida Keys and also Chief of Operations here at Onboardbandit. He grew up in a family of avid fishermen and began swimming before he could even walk. Looking for a way to connect with the ocean even more he started spearfishing/diving as soon as he could afford his own gear, and has been blowing bubbles ever since!

Joshua Gratton

Founder and CEO of our new and innovative product. Josh is an avid spearo and innovator to the spearfishing industry. Born and raised on the water of the Florida keys he started his spearfishing career in early age. with the great opportunity that was in his backward, he began his life of spearfishing.