• Customer Testimonials

I have kept the On-Board Bandit kit on my boat for years. It is an invaluable essential must for spear fishermen of any level. The kit has saved my day or that of a friends more than once. Thanks On-Board Bandit

Rick RamsaySheriff of Monore County

Even a high end speargun is useless with no power behind it. On board bandit is an innovative and more than useful tool for anyone who needs a quick band change offshore

John IppolitoKOAH spearguns

One of the top selling products in our marina store!

Hawks Cay

Super easy to get the right kind of attention when rocking these lids. Love the snap back style and the logo is super cool. I get compliments all the time and even some Instagram followers too 😉

Zach GreigZendo Fitness

Any spearfishermen knows that spear bands don’t last too long and can get expensive. Especially when out on the water, every fish lost is costly. Thanks to this spearband replacement kit if a band breaks I can make a new one in a matter of minutes. I would highly reccommend this product to anyone who is serious about spearfishing and doesn’t want to lose another fish because of a broken band. Their apparel is pretty amazing too, check them out. Lots of great hats and tshirts!!!

Jackie EignerFish Tales Market and Eatery

If there is one thing that ruins a great day, that one thing is a busted rubber. I was one of those guys… A constant sufferer of BBS aka Broken Band Syndrome. I was fortunate to have been shown the path very few have walked thanks to my dive buddy Captain Stabbin. Little did I know that such a debilitating problem could be solved so effortlessly. Thanks to the Onboard Bandit repair kit I was back in action full force in no time at all. Thanks to the kit I will never have to worry about soft or rotten bands and I am now always using rock hard rubber!!

Sean O’ConnorCrazy Customer